"Why did he think it was a good idea to try and write his signature in ink with his kart in the photo hall? *Grumble* And then, to think, I have to-“




"Oh AAA, sir…"

"Weeell, what do you think, Thour Bill? I tried programming it to look a bit more on the regal sthide and lessth like, sthay, an ungrateful mushroom-grabbing plumber, hoo-hoo~ I thought it would make me more ‘pronouncthed’ for my candy denizensth.”

(I’m sobbing right now, because there are so many people following me, and I have this horrible flaw of trying to satisfy everyone, so I’m like, “WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OUT OF ME?! I DON’T WANT TO DISAPPOINT YOU.” I know it’s impossible and yet I try anyways. I’m so glad I made a good first impression! Anyways I’ll stop talking and try to art faster, because I’m slow as molasses. O_O

Here’s a pic of normal K.C. standing there, just beaming.

P.S. - Notes: AAA = Their version of God. That mustache was supposed to look like a dollop of whipped cream. And I’ll be opening the Ask Box next Saturday. Hooraaaaaay. c: *Needs to art faster*)

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