"Um, excuse me. Excuuuse me! Sir?”


Wh-whhhat? Whathhh do you wannnt?”

"Why hello there, neighbor: my name is Fix-It Felix Jr. from the game Fix-It Felix Jr. I was making rounds to find my friend, Ralph, also from the game Fix-It Felix Jr., when Tapper over there was telling me that you were making quite a ruckus. I felt it was my duty not only to introduce myself to you since I’ve never seen you around these parts, BUT to also ask you if you could please calm down a bit? It wouldn’t go unappreciated.”

"…Do you even, hoo-hoo~*HIC*, do you even KNOW who I AM? The crowwwn I wear? The title I hold?!"


W-well no, sir, I can’t say I do. As I just said, I, erm… don’t know you OR your… crown. I haven’t met you before, and I-


"You know who I am…"

(Part 3/3

Wow, this was was much funnier in my head.

Special guest appearance: Fix-It Felix Jr.!

KC was [probably] promptly escorted off the premise and lead home by a not-very-happy Sour Bill, who literally had to almost drag him dead-weight to the castle. Or at least through GCS embarrassingly to the kart.)

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