"Yeah, I’ve gotta stay cramped up in this rotten- I mean… wonderful castle. What do I do, eh? Well… there was one time where I tried my hand at fryin’… I’m guessin’ the cookin’ program’s in the king’s code…

Les’see, what else? Tried sleepin’. Apparently got a gnarly case of ‘insomnia’ or somethin’ like that. So doesn’t come too easily for me.

…So I occupy my time with my radical moves.

Yeah, life in the castle’s pretty sweet, I guess. No regrets whatsoever. I never get bored with these 23 rooms, fully-stocked kitchen, garage, library, bathhouse, ballroom, photo gallery, armory, chocolate coin vault, courtyard I can’t even go in at night, and those stupid ‘secret rooms’ that the racers rumor about.

But… there is ONE new addition I never get tired of…”

(Part 1/2 - I assume?

Not dead, by the way. Just life things. c:)

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